Complaints procedure

Our Complaints Procedure

The Complaints Procedure is intended to enable learners, potential learners, employers, clients and the general public to bring matters of concern about their learning experience or any College service to the attention of the College. The procedure will enable investigation of those concerns with the aim of a satisfactory resolution. 

The College is committed to achieving high standards of service and this process welcomes your feedback to help us improve.

Further Education and General College Complaints

For all further education and general College complaints, please use the Complaints Policy that can be downloaded here. The procedure for feedback is also outlined in the Getting it Right leaflet.

The complainant can contact the ncn Complaints Team by letter c/o ncn Clarendon or by email to Current students can can complete the complaints form on the student portal, which will pre-populate their user details for them.

Members of the public, employers and parents should complete the public complaints form, which can be downloaded here.

Higher Education Complaints

Higher Education complaints should follow the Higher Education Complaints Policy and Procedure. The procedure is also outlined in the Getting in Right Leaflet for Higher Education students.

Data Protection/Information Release

It is expected that students will assume responsibility for all communication with ncn and for drawing attention to any problems or concerns. However, we are aware that parents/guardians or other individuals may on occasion contact ncn if they have serious concerns.

Where a learner is aged 18 and over, ncn will release information to a parent/ guardian/third party only with the express written consent of the learner and will on receipt of such consent communicate directly with the parent/guardian/third party acting on behalf of the student.

Further Info