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Heavy Metal Foundation Degree at new college nottingham

New College Nottingham rocks!

ncn is the only place in the UK where you can study for a foundation degree in Heavy Metal.

We’ve created this pioneering course in response to student demand and Nottingham’s growing music and creative economy.

Heavy Metal has huge cultural significance in Nottingham, nationally and internationally and this will be explored during the course.

Video: Liam talks about the course

At its heart is music performance so students will be forming bands, gigging and promoting, while academically delving into what makes metal such a music phenomenon.

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Course information

The FdA in Music Performance offers a practical, industry-relevant experience that inspires and challenges students to create professional musical products and performances in a supportive and stimulating educational atmosphere. Students will develop relevant skills, solid theoretical understanding and essential entrepreneurial practices to ensure success in the ever-changing 21st Century music industry.

The Heavy Metal pathway allows specialist degree-level study in this genre. A combination of core and optional modules means that students can specialise and develop their interests in practical music technology, composition, improvisation, live sound, etc.

Visits, guest lectures and workshops from heavy metal professionals enhance the course with industry values. Trips to heavy metal conferences and events, and links with heavy metal industry partners will prove invaluable in forging a career in heavy metal.

Course Level 4 (Year 1) Course Level 5 (Year 2)

Band Work 1: Create music in bands. Write material. Rehearse in groups. Gigs in a variety of venues.

Musicianship: Improve improvisation and sight reading skills. Song writing. Score writing on a computer.

The Working Musician 1: Industry-related skills. Create promo materials. Demos, photos, video, press release, etc. Learn marketing skills.

Music in Context: The history and contextualisation of heavy metal. Explore and discuss the issues around heavy metal. Censorship, violence, aesthetics, gender issues, etc.

Music Business and Event Management: Learn about the structure of the HM music industry

Research Project 1 (Optional): Opportunity to undertake self-directed research into an area of HM of personal interest.

Live Sound for Heavy Metal Performers (Optional): PA systems, mixing desks, monitors, soundchecks. The basics of live sound.

Band Work 2: Create music rehearse and gig in bands. Culminates in a tour of the UK.

Product Realisation: Opportunity to create ambitious multi-media work or other major researchbased product.

The Working Musician 2: Real life industry experience in the form of work placement or self- employment. Taught lessons on employability skills.

Musical Direction: Direct a group of musicians in a performance of your arrangement.

Composition for Film and TV (optional): Create soundtrack and effects for moving visuals.

Research Project 2 (optional): Undertake selfdirected research into an area of HM of interest.

Song writing and Composition (optional): Learn more about the art and craft.

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