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If you would like further information, help or advice about any aspect of New College Nottingham or the courses we offer, please contact us on 0115 9100 100.

How to access the ncn Portals from home

To access the ncn Staff or Student Portal from home (or anywhere off-campus):

  1. Firstly, please go to the relevant address from the following:

  2. For both Portals you will then need to log in using your ncn login and domain NCN:

    For Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7

    You will need to type in the domain 'NCN\' first, e.g. NCN\user name (see example below), and then enter your password.

    Screenshot of Windows XP login box

    For Windows 98/Windows 2000/Apple OSX

    Please enter your user name, password, and enter 'NCN' into the Domain box (see example below).

    Screenshot of Windows 2000 login box